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  • Dijon Mustard 200g


    This classic French Dijon Mustard is generously powerful, finely flavoured & slightly less hot then the english version. With a myriad of uses, it is a store cupboard staple.

  • Dijon Mustard Wholegrain 200g


    Slightly less hot then the classic Dijon, this whole-grain mustard will bring sparkly texture, flavour & allure to your dishes. Perfect for livening up your favourite meat & poultry dishes or even in your boosting your ordinary mashpotato these little grains are pure seduction!

  • Mini Toast 5 Cereals Roger 150g


    A blend of five heatthy cereals. Baked, not fried. No palm oil. The perfect serving combination for your tapenades, jams and salads. From breakfast to dinner they are always helpful.

  • Traditional Tomato sauce with black olives 280g


    Just what your pasta & pizza need!

  • Traditional Tomato sauce with Espelette pepper 280g


    Just what you need to spice up your pasta & pizza!

  • Green Olive Tapenade à la Provencale 90g


    This tapenade is a juicy combination of fleshy green olives with capers & anchovies. Add some to your tomato sauce for a new flavour. Pair it with various cheeses. Enhance your savoury tarts or any salty puff pastry with it. Oh! it is also a treat simply on a slice of fresh sourdough bread or with fresh pasta garnished with some basil leaves!

  • Black Olive & Basil Tapenade 90g


    This tapenade is a racy combination of fleshy black olives with capers, anchovies and lots of tasty basil leaves. It can elevate your cheese cracker to a new level, boost your omelette, decorate your vegetable soup, enrich your white fish recipe or any mediterenean vegetable dish or salad. Oh! it is also a treat simply on toasted baguette or with fresh pasta!

  • Eggplant Tapenade 90g


    A delicious creamy smokey aubergine dip. Makes an elegant side or meat garnish, brighten’s up any sandwich and can be a simple healthy snack on a wholehweat cracker.

  • Zucchini Tapenade 90g


    Zucchinis whipped up with light seasoning this blend has a very subte soft flavour. Preferred by those avoiding stong flavours & children! Best on plain wholewheat crackers.

  • Artichoke Tapenade 90g


    Kick off your dinner with a fresh & original appetizer. This artichoke tapenade made with artichoke hearts, garlic, capers, olive oil & lemon juice is always a good choice.

  • Green Olives & Sundried tomato Tapenade 90g


    A happy combination where the sundried tomatoes melow the acidity of the green olives and bring a remarkable difference. This is a fine well structured preparation.