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Fruit Pulp Vinegars

  • Raspberry Vinegar 200ml


    Immaculate sweet & sour fruit freshness!
    This vinegar is fantastic with Duck, Grilled Chops, Pork Loin or Foie gras. It Blends with green salads mixed with strong cheeses like goat, blue, aged Cheddar or feta. You may also feel like drizzling it on a sunny salad combined with roquette, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. Or jazz up your desert with a trickle on top of your vanilla ice cream!

  • Passion Fruit Vinegar 200ml


    Exoticism guaranteed!
    This vinegar blends tastefully with numerous seafoods and shellfish, it may supplement your lemon juice drizzled on fish or scallops when taken out of the pan or bring the tropical note to your prawns in an avocado – mango salad.

  • Fig Vinegar 200ml


    Let your palate experience the true delicate fig!
    Classy with a roquette salad combined with duck and shaved parmesan cheese. Try it with some Arugula & Prosciutto ham for a lingering taste on the palate or simply with any goat or blue cheese. Dresses up your vanilla ice cream as a lovely coulis!

  • Blackcurrant Vinegar 200ml


    Purple power! Rich in vitamin C with a punchy flavor this fruity vinegar brings out the best of a Greek salad or others where Feta & onions are involved. Also perfect to deglaze duck or pork. And for those who think life is to short & eat desert first simply drizzle it on a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream, amazing!

  • Mango Vinegar 200ml


    Invite natures best to your dishes!
    Sweeten your duck breast, caramel pork or king prawn brochette. Use as chutney, dress your exotic shrimp, crab or lobster salads and for desert create coconut ice cream & mango cups.

  • Basil Tomato Vinegar 200ml


    The Mediterranean finesse in a bottle!
    40% tomato pulp with intense basil aroma is
    frankly the only ingredient your tomato mozzarella salad calls for! Also perfect for deglazing white meats & vegetables.