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Olive oils

  • Lemon and thyme olive oil 150ml


    Enhance your marinades, grilled meats and fish replacing lemon with subtlety for a surprising result. Lemon Thyme infused olive oil will bring fine flavour into a risotto with asparagus, sublimate a simple tomato salad or a fresh goat cheese. Also experience with a dessert, on a strawberry carpaccio, a pound cake with lemon or a peach clafouti. To ensure a maximum of flavours, season your dish at the last minute.

  • Oregano olive oil 150ml


    Since Antiquity, oregano has been cultivated as an aromatic plant for the perfume of its leaves. Oregano and olive oil, the encounter between the floral and the herbaceous.

    To spice up or accompany a tian of zucchini, eggplant and red pepper, a roasted leg of lamb with herbs, green asparagus, goat cheese.

  • Lavender infused Olive Oil 150ml


    Bring a touch of Provence to your kitchen. Just a few drops on cooked meats, roasted or steamed vegetables, pasta, fish & chicken change everything. Also used for baking cakes & cookies it is most surprising when drizzled over vanilla gelato!

  • Lemon from Menton Olive Oil 250ml


    Get th lemon tang without the acidity!
    Perfect for seasonning your veggies & salads, boosting fish or even for adding a zest to your cakes.

  • Basil infused Olive Oil 250ml


    Relish the intense flavor of freshly picked basil! With this olive oil the options are endless; drizzle it on some tomatoes & mozzarella, boost your salads and soups, impress by topping goat’s cheese with a stream or dare to be original by enhancing vanillla icecream or even straberries. A good find!

  • Lemon & Ginger infused Olive Oil 250ml


    Fresh and tangy lemons with the boost of gigner. Revamp the way you cook your fish or white meats. Drizzle on a Saint-Jaques Carpaccio, tuna, sea-bass tartar, chicken salad with exotic fruits or let your inspiration guide you!

  • Garlic & Thyme infused Olive Oil 250ml


    The bite of garlic combined with thyme’s aromatic freshness heightens the simplest mashed potato. Marinate lamb, grill vegetables or add to an omelette with some chanterelles mushrooms for quick sophistication.

  • Espellette Chili infused Olive Oil 250ml


    A spicy olive oil with that characteristic chili pepper flavor. Spice up your Madagascar shrimp rougail, penne arrabiata, liven up the couscous or the pizza sauce…. Some simply like it HOT!

  • Grapefruit from Corsica Olive Oil 250ml


    Introduced to the Isle of Beauty in 1990, corsican grapefruit (also known as pomelo) has an intense, aromatic and sharp taste. The golden fruit, with juicy flesh so red it’s almost purple, is of exquisite taste: a beautiful, regional product.

  • Toasted Sesame Oil 250ml


    One of the most fragrant oils in the world. Our sesame oil is roasted slow & low which gives it immense depth of flavour and incredible aroma that awakens the appetite.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray Glass bottle 250ml


    Don’t be distracted by the practicality of this flask, this olive oil is of superior category, obtained only by mechanical processes and extractd under cold conditions. Spray directly the perfect dose in a pan or put it at table to flavour your vegetables, pasta & fish. Pairs nicely with our Balsamic Vinegar from Modena in a mathcing bottle.

  • Almond Oil 150ml


    A unique intense flavour of roasted almonds that combines perfectly from duck dishes to baking cakes. We recommend it to season a salad with smoked duck breast or in a dressing for avocados.