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  • Acacia Honey 250g


    This is the lightest honey we sell. With a floral aroma and a bright sweet flavor, it’s the perfect honey to pair with your favorite tea or for your daily use.

  • Bitter Orange Marmelade 370g


    The oranges used for these marmelades are slightly smaller, with a green tinted bitter skin. La Maison Octave carefully select them form Seville in the south of Spain. The rind is finely sliced & cooked in an open cauldron. A classic delight!

  • Breakfast Box


    An ideal gift for french breakfast amateurs!


  • Fig & Lemon Jam 370g


    The fig is one of the most representitive fruits of the Mediteranean region. It has been cultivated for thousands of years and in the Provence region there are more then 300 varieties. For this Jam the variety is called “Figue Violette de Sollies”.

  • Lavender Honey 250g


    Made from hives placed in meadows of blossoming Provençal lavender, it has a subtle floral aroma and a delicious sweetness. A true taste of Provence!

  • Mountain Honey 250g


    Made from the nectar of wildflowers blooming in high mountain prairies during the summer. This nectar has aromas of oak & wild lavender. The texture is spreadable and the flavor is deeply woodsy with hints of thyme.

  • ORGANIC – Strawberry Jam 370g


    ORGANIC – the succulent flavour of strawberry jam at it’s finest!

  • Pink Apricot Jam 370g


    Pink Apricots of Provence are light yellow with a slight purple tint on the side that was most exposed to the sun. Prized for preserved fruits & jams it’s flavour is delicate and sweet. One of our favourates!

  • Provencal Prestige


    A glamorous hamper with delicacies such as Foie Gras, Duck Thighs, Sweet Wine & Truffles.  This one is for those you want to satisfy the most!


  • Raspberry Jam 370g


    Raspberries are rich in calcium, iron & vitamines. As it is a very fragile fruit that spoils easily, it needs to be handled quickly and with great care. Sweet, slightly sour with it’s authentic aroma this raspberry jam is a pure sweet pleasure!

  • Strawberry Jam 370g


    One of our childrens favourates, candy pink color this jam was concocted with fresh strawberries to bring happiness to all!