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Little's Delicatessen

  • Dijon Mustard 200g


    This classic French Dijon Mustard is generously powerful, finely flavoured & slightly less hot then the english version. With a myriad of uses, it is a store cupboard staple.

  • Dijon Mustard Wholegrain 200g


    Slightly less hot then the classic Dijon, this whole-grain mustard will bring sparkly texture, flavour & allure to your dishes. Perfect for livening up your favourite meat & poultry dishes or even in your boosting your ordinary mashpotato these little grains are pure seduction!

  • Mini Toast 5 Cereals Roger 150g


    A blend of five heatthy cereals. Baked, not fried. No palm oil. The perfect serving combination for your tapenades, jams and salads. From breakfast to dinner they are always helpful.

  • Traditional Tomato sauce with black olives 280g


    Just what your pasta & pizza need!

  • Traditional Tomato sauce with Espelette pepper 280g


    Just what you need to spice up your pasta & pizza!

  • Sardines “Saint-Georges” in extra virgin olive oil 115g


    This is one of the renowned canneries big classics where the finesse of the fish is enriched by a selected semi-fruity extra virgin olive oil.

  • Sardines in tomato coulis & extra virgin olive oil 115g


    These sardines are revealed by the finest cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with a lightly seasoned tomato coulis. A recommended choice!

  • Sardines with 2 Spices, olive oil & lemon 115g


    The spice is not to mask the flavour, if there are 2 of them it’s to expand the range of awsome flavours & make things more colorful! Refreshed with lemon and rounded by olive oil these sardines are a flash of lightning!

  • Sardines with Black Olive Tapenade 115g


    When Brittany meets Provence you get this recipe: Sardines combined with black olive pulp, garlic, a touch of salty anchovies and naturally olive oil. Exquisite!

  • Sardines marinated in Muscadet & herbs 115g


    These sardines marinated in Muscadet white wine, herbs & lemon have a fragrant fresh flavour. One of the few recipes of the cannery without oil therefore much lighter yet truly tasty!

  • The classic Fish Soup 425ml


    Another classic of the renowned cannery this soup is a true delight. Add a good spoonful of Rouille, a few croutons and maybe even some grated cheese & you will have a simple yet rewarding meal.

  • Rock Fish Soup 425ml


    Generous texture, the rich taste of this soup is enhanced by a note of fennel and herbs of Provence. Add a good spoonful of Rouille, a couple of croutons and some grated cheese for a satisfying lunch.

  • Oyster & St Jacques Scallop Velouté 425ml


    The harmony of a surprising encounter! The saltiness of oysters whipped up with sweet scallops & seasonning create this amazing creamy velouté. Add a spoonful of “crème fraiche” and some croutons for a delicious meal.

  • Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 160g


    To conserve it’s tenderness, this fresh Yellowfin is frist cooked whole and then trimed by hand in order to select only it’s best. Finaly it is covered with a fruity extra virgin olive oil that blends perfectly with the flesh and makes it even juicier. Pure delight!

  • Tuna pieces Zanzibar style with Spices & Prunes 160g


    Zanzibar, an island located in the Indien Ocean, famous for it’s spices was a logical name for this tuna that is enriched with plums, spices & walnut oil. A gastronomical journey in a can!

  • Tuna pieces à la Tomate 160g


    Pared by hand, then mixed with juicy sun riped tomatoes & herbes de Provence. A simple yet popular recipe.

  • Picholines Green Olives 370g


    Samll green French olives originally from southern France, although used to make olive oil, the Picholine is best known as a coktail olive. They are nutty flavored olives, harvested green to retain a crisp texture making them a succulent eating olive or a nice addition to your martini.

  • Lobster Soup “Bisque” 425ml


    A drizzle of cognac, a pinch of curry…. And the unique flavour of lobster. This velvety, perfectly balanced bisque with it’s subtle aromas will please the finest gourmets.

  • Duck Rillettes 190g


    Handmade following the traditional recipe, french rillettes are renowned for their luscious texture & artisan flavour. Tasty with drinks or served with crudités.

  • Black Truffle Mustard 200g


    Elevate your kitchen pantry with this one-of-a-kind black truffle dijon mustard. With your favorite meats, sausages or simply in a sandwich it is a culinary delight!

  • Preserved Lemons 200g


    Preserved lemons are commonly used in Indian & North African cuisine. An indispensible condiment for “Tajines” they are also delicious mashed with olive oil and some fresh herbs then drizzled on top of grilled fish or roasted vegitables.

  • Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil & Basil 200g


    Sun-dried Tomatoes are very versatile. Delicious chopped and added to pasta sauce, chili, breads, sandwiches, cheese and salads. Use them as pizza topping or broil with garlic cloves and olive oil for a delicious appetizer or red pesto sauce.

  • Duck Confit – 2 thighs 380g – Catusse


    This century old process of preservation consist of salt curing duck legs and then cooking it in its own fat. A french delicatessen that is commonly used for last minute dinner parties. Simply empty the content in an oven dish and cook until the skin becomes crispy & brown serve hot with some roasted potatoes & beens. Dinner done!

  • Foie Gras Michel Catusse 80g


    A well-known delicacy in French cuisine. It spreads like the world’s most decadent & flavorful butter when served cold and when hot, it’s crisp, sweet, and savory flavour melts in your mouth like no other food in the world!